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 Aman Sharma is a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University. He is also a vice president for Tau Beta Pi, the second oldest and largest engineering honor soceity in North America. Aman's future goal is to work in a medical instrumentation company, or in a hospital as a professional clinical engineer.
 Nirmala Ramsaran is very much interested in Latino culture and language. She thinks that learning foreign language can be very useful and it might be helpful to many people. Nirmala have had an experience where she could not help an elderly latino person because she was not able to understand him so she had been learning spanish since then.
 Meliza Gutierrez is a freshman at Stony Brook University majoring in Business Management in the the Business Leaders Program. She loves to paint and draw. She is also very interested in listening and playing music and she thinks that music is a great way of expressing ones' self.
 Alicia Weathers is a senior with a major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Alicia like to socialize and meet new people. She loves doing math and she also like playing basketball. Alicia thinks that basketball is the best sport. She has a great passion for music. She listens to music all the time and she also plays few instruments.
 Tatiana Pawelec is majoring in English at Stony Brook University and she is also a part of the Undergraduate College Fellows program which is designed to help first year students get to know Stony Brook University better. Tatiana has learned the values of a good mentor and guidance from the program.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.