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Model Course ePortfolios

LDS 102.02, Undergraduate College of Leadership & Service, Spring 2011

 Media Literacy & Cyber Communications: Creating Messages and Leading Virtual Teams

Dr. Manuel London and Nancy Wozniak
ePortfolios are a requirement for course completion.


Dr. London and Nancy Wozniak will represent SBU's Leadership and Service Program in the Making Connections - Connecting to Learning project involving integrative learning and eportfolios.  For more information on eportfolios and the project, contact Nancy Wozniak in The Faculty Center, ext. 22780.  nancy.wozniak@stonybrook.edu

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View: Emily Madsen
Five Facts About Me: 


1: I grew up on my family's oyster farm out in Discovery Bay, Washington. I spent most of my time following my dad around, listening to him talk about algae, oysters, diatoms, and how they all fit into the ocean's larger ecosystems. My childhood is undoubtedly the root of my continuing fascination with marine science. 


2: I am majoring in Marine Sciences and minoring in

Ecosystems and Human Impact at Stony Brook University. 


3: I love to be outdoors; my favorite hobbies include scuba-diving, skiing, sailing, water-skiing, fishing, hiking and camping.


4: I decided to attend school in New York rather than Washington because I intend to take any opportunity to

travel that presents itself to me.

5: In high school, I participated in a youth outreach program at the Door of Faith Orphanage in La Mision, Mexico. I've spent the last few years trying to fit a similar experience into my future.

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