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Model Course ePortfolios

LDS 102.02, Undergraduate College of Leadership & Service, Spring 2011

 Media Literacy & Cyber Communications: Creating Messages and Leading Virtual Teams

Dr. Manuel London and Nancy Wozniak
ePortfolios are a requirement for course completion.


Dr. London and Nancy Wozniak will represent SBU's Leadership and Service Program in the Making Connections - Connecting to Learning project involving integrative learning and eportfolios.  For more information on eportfolios and the project, contact Nancy Wozniak in The Faculty Center, ext. 22780.  nancy.wozniak@stonybrook.edu

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User-uploaded Content

View: Jennifer Cruz


My name is Jennifer, but I prefer Jen.

I love to dabble in art (sckething mostly).

Although I was the last child in my grade school class to learn how to read and write, english and literature has become my passion.

I've never been someone to follow others and at the same time I don't want anyone to follow me; everyone should just work on being themselves.

Life can be a little easier when you take the unnecessary pressures off yourself.



She is too bold to be inside anyone else's box.

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