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Model Course ePortfolios

LDS 102.02, Undergraduate College of Leadership & Service, Spring 2011

 Media Literacy & Cyber Communications: Creating Messages and Leading Virtual Teams

Dr. Manuel London and Nancy Wozniak
ePortfolios are a requirement for course completion.


Dr. London and Nancy Wozniak will represent SBU's Leadership and Service Program in the Making Connections - Connecting to Learning project involving integrative learning and eportfolios.  For more information on eportfolios and the project, contact Nancy Wozniak in The Faculty Center, ext. 22780.  nancy.wozniak@stonybrook.edu

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Robin Lynn


5 Facts About Me

1. I'm a New Jersey native, Califon, NJ specifically, located in Hunterdon County( NW NJ)

2. I'm a runner. Cross country, and middle distance events. I ran track and cross country all through high school and am currently on the track/xc team here at Stony Brook

3. I love mountains! hiking, rock climbing, skiing, ice climbing, and via ferrata.  I've hiked in a bunch of different mountain ranges including the Pyrenees (Spain, France), Alps (France, Switzerland, Italy), Dolomites (Italy), as well as a bunch of places all over the U.S.

4. I love animals. I work at a veterinarian's office in the summers and hope to have a career involving animals one day.

5. I have one sister, who is three years yonger than me, but we are often mistaken for twins.


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