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Model Course ePortfolios

LDS 102.02, Undergraduate College of Leadership & Service, Spring 2011

 Media Literacy & Cyber Communications: Creating Messages and Leading Virtual Teams

Dr. Manuel London and Nancy Wozniak
ePortfolios are a requirement for course completion.


Dr. London and Nancy Wozniak will represent SBU's Leadership and Service Program in the Making Connections - Connecting to Learning project involving integrative learning and eportfolios.  For more information on eportfolios and the project, contact Nancy Wozniak in The Faculty Center, ext. 22780.  nancy.wozniak@stonybrook.edu

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View: Amanda Eve Thum

Showcase ePortfolio


Amanda Eve Thum: She gave so much time to the improvement of herself that she didn't even have the time to criticize others.


Five Facts About Me


1) I am a pretty intense traveler. If I have free time, you can be guaranteed that I will be going somewhere. My most favorite place on Earth is Yaffo, Israel (and nearly any other place in Israel). I also fell in love with Tallin, Estonia and Cairo, Egypt.


2) I am an extremely proud young Jewish woman, whose grandparents are both Holocaust survivors. My first book will be a memoir-biography of their stories of survival, and the effects which they have had on me (and my family).


3) I believe strongly in three things: myself, writing, and American football. I love the Steelers (but moreso Pittsburgh itself).


4) I was born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.


5) I'm on my way to getting my sky diving license, after I had my first dive on October 23, 2010 (my eighteenth birthday)!


My experiences have been both outrageous and beautiful... I wouldn't trade this life for anything.


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