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March 2012 Showcase

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Individual ePortfolios                                 

Aaron Doucett

Aaron is a Meterology major who started using his ePortfolio in his WRT 102, and ITS 102 courses, and added more information about his GSS 313 course.


  "My hometown is Northampton, Massachusetts. I came to Stony Brook because of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, which is one of the better places to study meteorology on the East coast. My interests include playing jazz music (piano), sailing, weather, computers/technology, web design, and competitive rowing."


View his ePortfolio here.




Addie Browning

Addie is a History major who started using her ePortfolio for her LDS 102, WRT 102 and EST 201 courses. She then added information about her campus involvement as well as examples of her photography.


"She was like a book of puzzles; once you figured one puzzle out there was always another one to solve."


View her ePortfolio here.




Alison Fox 

Alison is a chemistry major who used her ePortfolio for her LDS 101 and LDR 210 courses. She also posts personal reflections and infromation about her campus involvement.

Watch her autobiographical digital story here!

"My name is Alison Fox, and welcome to my ePortfolio! Look around, get to know me! I hope you come away as inspired, as motivated, and as eager for the future as I am! 

If I had to describe myself in one sentence it'd be: If I haven't left a footprint on this Earth that I can see from Space, I haven't done my job and therefore I am not successful."


View her ePortfolio here.




Aman Mundra

Aman is pursuing a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Indian Studies. He used his ePortfolio in his WRT 102 and WRT 302 courses. He also posted information about his CHE 143 course.

"Aman Mundra is a graduate of Arlington High School. Currently a second year student at Stony Brook University, he is pursuing a major in biochemistry and a minor in Indian studies, whilst concurrently completing both his pre-medical and pre-law curricula. In addition, during the academic school year, he is a member of the University Scholars program, serving on the University Scholars Council, while in the summer, he works at Stony Brook University as an Orientation Leader"

View his ePortfolio here.


Angela Horstman

Angela is double-majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Engineering Science with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering. She used her ePortfolio for her ESG 100 course, and then added much more information about her other coursework, volunteer and campus activites, internship, working with robotics and her perspective on living with a disability.


"As a female looking into an engineering field, I was always looked upon as weird by my non engineering female friends. They were sticking to traditional female jobs like teaching and labeled me as odd for having the passion for math and science that I do. But that never bothered me because if I had let it then I would have missed outon the life that I wanted to create for myself. I would have changed who I was to fit into this mold and I would have been like everyone else. Teaching is a great job, but for me to be able to design and build something gives me this great joy that others simply cannot understand."

View her ePortfolio here.




Brian Glatt

Brian Glatt is a Computer Science major who started using his ePortfolio in his ITS 102 course. He also has projects and essays from his other courses on his ePortfolio.

"Welcome to brief view of my life.  I hope that you will get to know me as if you are a close friend and maybe even become one."

View his ePortfolio here.



Carlos Urbina

Carlos is an economics major and a soccer player with a self-initiated ePortfolio. He uses his ePortfolio to post information about his academic endeavors, soccer experiences, and entrepreprenuerial adventures.


"Soccer might be my pasion but in the past few years Economics has awakened a huge interest in me. I am currently enrolled in the economics major and I consider it to be one of the most interesting sciences and probably one of the most influencials for the development of society, specially nowadays with the european and american debt dilemas."

View his ePortfolio here.


Chaz Wilson

Chaz is a business major who started his ePortfolio for his BUS 115 course.


"Welcome to my E-Portfolio! 

This is a collection of my experiences, goals and accomplishments.

Please feel free to take a listen to the music at the top of each page. These are just a few of the beats I've composed over the years."

View his ePortfolio here.




Emily Madsen

Emily is a Marine Science major who started her ePortfolio in her LDS 102 and WRT 102 courses. She also posts information about her coursework, work experience, and campus involvement. 

View the digital story she created for her LDS 102 course here.

"My name is Emily Madsen and I have a rather public obsession for all things ocean-related."

View her ePortfolio here.


Evan Liu

Evan is a pre-medical Biology major who started his ePortfolio in his LDS 102 course. He also posts information about his volunteer and work experience as well as his LDS 101 course.


"I believe people have the ability to turn their weaknesses into strengths." 


View his ePortfolio here.








Gustavo Galarza

Gustavo is majoring in Information Systems who started his ePortfolio  in his ITS 102 course. He also posts information about his goals, soccer experiences, and internship.

"I was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in Westchester County.  I graduated from Port Chester High School class of 1999.  I never pictured myself attending a University like Stony Brook.  I am a senior at Stony Brook University. My Major is Information Systems with a Specialization in Business and Economics. I am graduating in December of 2012.  My time here has definitely giving me opportunities to advance my career in Information Systems."

View his ePortfolio here.



Jim Yee

Jim is a Clinical Laboratory Scence major and Chemistry minor who started his ePortfolio during his TLT Internship

 "Although my life seems pretty much all about becoming a pediatrician, it’s not all that simple. In reality, throughout my life, I faced many hardships such as losing beloved family members that taught me valuable lessons of life. The main lesson was to not live life through books and classes. Rather one must live life with full potential by going out for the experiences, which is the true knowledge in life because you never know just when you might

lose all of it in a flash."


View his ePortfolio here.



Joseph Nowak

Joseph is an Engineering Science major who created his ePortfolio for his WRT 102 course.

"Success is not achieved by crossing a bridge. Success is achieved by choosing the spot for the bridge, designing it, building the foundation, then building the bridge. But even after all this; the journey has only just begun."

View his ePortfolio here.


Malorie Mendoza

Malorie is majoring in Biology and minoring in Social Anthropology. She's also a member of the AmeriCorps Program.


"I am a proud member of the AmeriCorps program, and on this page you will find some info about my involvement in community service. I am passionate about helping others and grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization!"


View her ePortfolio here.




Michael Hejmej 

Michael is a Multi-Disciplinary Studies Major with concentrations in writing, journalism and sociology. He started his ePortfolio in WRT 102 and now uses his ePortfolio to maintain a sports blog about a Long Island football team.

"The road to success is never smooth.  A wise man once told me, don't think about doing it, just do it.  My dream is to become a sports writer and nothing will stand in my way."

View his ePortfolio here.







Mo Lam 

Mo is a Mathematics and Applied Mathematics major who started his ePortfolio in WRT 102 and now uses his ePortfolio to display his passion for mathematics, computer science, archery, and pandas. 


"People often ask me for real life application of the math research I do, and most of them fail to realize that I am just doing it for the sake of it. My goal is not to find real life application, but to do it because it is cool. I do not care if there are any real life applications with math. I will leave that to the applied math people."


View his ePortfolio here.





Soma Majumder

Soma is a Health Science major concentrating on Healthcare Management who started her ePortfolio in BUS 111.


"This is a creative space of all my goals,  accomplishments,  and vision in life. It is a collection of who I am and what I want to be." 

View her ePortfolio here.




















Yi Wan Wu

Yi Wan Wu is a pre-med Health Science major who started her ePortfolio in her LDS 102 course.


"I like to smile; therefore, I smile constantly. I am an optimistic girl and I do not like to give up. Everytime I decide to do something, I put a lot of effort in it. Although sometimes I do not finish my projects, I enjoy the process of learning and finding results. I want to be a pediatrician and work in different regions around the world."


View her ePortfolio here.




Biomedical Engineering Senior Projects      

Robotic Guide


Biomedical Engineering students Antonio WongAileen OrpillaMikhail Arkhipov, and Ramez Zaky set out to program and build a robot that is capable of simple obstacle avoidance as well as self-navigation along a previously programmed path in order to aide the blind.


View their group ePortfolio here.











Floating Graphene-Anode Microbial Fuel Cell

Group members Joseph GarlowNeville BethelStephen Lee, and Thomas Schlageter aspired to create an inexpensive alternative energy source capable of supplying 

efficient and renewable power for locations lacking electrical



View their group ePortfolio here.


Group members Ning Xuan,

Maidul Hossain, and Sudipta Barua aimed to construct an LED based optical blood-vessel viewer using inexpensive electronic components to lower the cost to few hundred US dollars, compared to currently available devices starting from around US $4,000


View their group ePortfolio here.


Group members Antoinette Nelson, Cheng QianEileen (Huilin) Wu, and Cookie (Jin) Yu wanted to crate a highly precise vibration device in order to study the effect of vibration at the cellular level and thus advance osteoporosis research.

View their ePortfolio here.







 Heated Microchannel


Group members Mohammad HalaibehFarha Islam, and Jaeguk Lee wanted to use a microchannel system to simulate blood flow. This heated mirochannel system allowed them to identify and monitor

temperature ranges that result in 

clumping of RBCs, alter rheological

factors, and prevent blood flow.


View their group ePortfolio here.




Portable Smart ECG Garment and Measurement

Group members Margaret EvansSumaiya IqbalPias MalakerMaria Stupnikov wanted to combine wireless transmission electrocardiogram (ECG) designs and the idea of an ECG shirt in order to create a patient-friendly, convenient method of recording ECG.


View their group ePortfolio here




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