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Mo Lam

My name is Mo Lam. I am a second year math major in both Math and Applied Math departments at Stony Brook University. I am a University Scholar, currently considering whether I should minor in Information System or Computer Science.

Beside school work, I am currently a student coach in the New York City Math Team, former captain (2010') of the NYC math team: Steven Colbert team (aka A team), and NYC Queens team (2009',2010') for New York State Math League, and a 2 times USA Math Olympiad qualifier.

The other 2 things that I really like other then math are web design (especially online database design) and archery.

People often ask me for real life application of the math research I do, and most of them fail to realize that I am just doing it for the sack of it. My goal is not to find real life application, but to do it because it is cool. I do not care if there are any real life applications with math. I will leave that to the applied math people.

I really like archery. I am the secretary of Stony Brook University's Archery club starting Fall 2011. I have my own set of brand new equipment. I have posted some pictures of my equipment. I also like pandas because they are pandas (circular reasoning ^v^). Here are some cool panda picture that I have collected.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.