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Shikha Gupta


Dear Portfolio Reader,


          A person's actions are said to tell a lot about a person.  Including the way they dress, what they may eat, and the people they surround themselves with.  Another great way to get to know someone is through their writing.  Whether fiction or non-fiction, reading what someone has written can give you a small glimpse into their thought process.


         The creative essay was a way to reflect a bit of ourselves in a more creative way than a simple, formatted essay. I chose to do mine around a subject that helped describe part of my personality.  Using the relationship between my brother and myself, I hope the reader could relate to the love siblings share, no matter what.


          Even though the analysis essay contains information from published  authors, I was able to use their research and ideas to convey a topic I too find interesting and important.   Both authors wrote great pieces of work, and through my writing, I was able to find a connection between them. 


           The argumentative essay introduced a controversial issue and eloborate on part of it, again giving the reader an insight on myself.  The topic of abortion has always been something of interest to me due to the fact that people only tend to have a black or white approach to the matter.  It is not something that can be assigned to a group of women, but should be looked at as an individual case.


            I enjoyed this course mainly for the material that was introduced to us.  Everything we read some how tied together and made the writing assignments enjoyable to do.  Every big paper had stepping stones allowing us to be well prepared and over all, really improved my writing. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.