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Dear Portfolio Reader,

            I hope you enjoy reading through my portfolio, which I have spent a ton of time on, trying to perfect.  Writing has never been one of my strong points, and I had to work very hard on this.  I hope you understand and enjoy the topics I have chosen. 

            My favorite paper is my argumentative paper is about women’s involvement in the United States Military. The reason I wrote about this and spent so much time researching this topic is because I believe the conditions of the women in the military is not up to par with the conditions of men.  This really strikes my soul. Growing up with not a lot of money, my mother had to work a tremendous amount of hours.  No matter how rough things got, she never let me see an ounce of weakness.  She is my role model and allows me to understand the strength a woman can have and how much strength is required of a woman in the military.

            Besides my personal feelings, this course allowed me to express myself in many other ways.  Before taking this class I was not certain of how to write properly in the MLA format.  Now I can say I am confident in how I write, and I am excited to do see all of my schoolwork improve thanks to my improvedwriting skills.


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