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Dear Portfolio Readers,

            Most of the portfolio requirements are met by the research paper I wrote on homeschooling. On this particular paper, I worked very hard in order to ensure that it included proper evidence from many respectable sources supporting my argument, correct citation, and a well organized works cited page. The other two papers, both analysis essays, should also fulfill these requirements, although they are more succinct in doing so due to the fact that there was a misunderstanding about the length of the research paper. All of these papers have been thoroughly reviewed both others and myself. Also, concerning the research paper, I am pretty sure I got this point across but, just in case, the controversy surrounding homeschooling is whether or not it is a legitimate form of education.

            This course provided me with excellent instruction on how to accurately write these essays. It introduced to the concept of integration, which is creating a flow within paragraphs through the mixed use of multiple sources. Integration has definitely made my writing much smoother than it originally was, it also creates a stronger support system for any arguments I make. Overall, integration has vastly improved my writing style, especially in regards to writing research papers. I was also able to improve upon my citation skills since we were forced to practice citation often. Another essential aspect of citation that I was able to improve upon is the works cited page. Through this course I learned that the previous works cited format which I was taught is actually no longer valid by University standards. I am grateful for the opportunity to realize a mistake before it could actually do harm.


Taylor Aberasturi

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.