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May 2013 Leadership Showcase



Jonathan Ragone & Melissa Mastrogiovanni

Course Descriptions:

LDR 210: Principles of Leadership

Students will be introduced to the theory and practice of leadership. Classes will focus on the concepts of leadership and how students can incorporate these into their experiences as student leaders as well as in non-university programs.

LDR 310: Case Studies in Leadership

This course will focus on concepts integral to effective leadership. Historical and contemporary case studies will be utilized to highlight examples of both ineffective and effective leadership. Students will gain an understanding of both positive and negative leadership as well as formal and informal leadership models.


LDR 410: Leadership Exploration and Practicum

This course will synthesize the content of LDR 210 and LDR 310, and explore the relationship of related interdisciplinary concepts from elective courses and discuss the on-going learning taking place during the simultaneous practicum component.

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Student Showcase

Alison Fox, Class of 2015 Chemistry Major & Leadership Development Minor

Mission Statement: I vow to continue to learn in ways that will pave my own future. I will work every day to be a better leader that inspires others and embodies all the values that my family has instilled in me. I will never give up on my dreams or myself, even if things get really hard. Every day will be beautiful. No matter what, life will be filled with happiness and laughter and unconditional love. My heart will act as my compass and fuel my passion to become everything I have wanted to be and more.
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Brandon J. Inman, Class of 2015 Business Management Major & Leadership Development Minor 

Mission Statement: To live to become the person that people go to whether they seek knowledge, wisdom, support or friendship. I dedicate myself to live and learn lessons every day and to use my skills as a leader to better others in honor of the people who made me the man I am today.    
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Riya Ismail, Class of 2015 Business Management Major & Leadership Development Minor

Mission Statement: To live my life to the best of my abilities; To find happiness, fulfillment and value in every corner I turn; To maintain quality relationships with my friends and family; To stay true to the person I am; To seek experience, knowledge, security and pleasure; To exemplify being a great person by being honest, respectful and having integrity; To follow my heart and mind with every choice I make; To fill every moment of my life with laughter, love and happiness.

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Jessica Chen, Biochemistry Major, 2013

  Leadership Lesson: Before becoming a leadership minor, I thought a leader was a person who had a title such as president or manager. I then realized that to be a leader, I must understand myself and my values before I could work with a group of people who have similar values. An ethical leader should respect others’ feelings, decisions and values. As a leader, I should serve others; I should be fair and just, and I should develop a community while pursuing my own goals.
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Ann M. Belamy, Health Science Major, 2014

 Leadership Lesson: The number one lesson that I have learned about leadership is: We all can do it! One does not have to be in the spotlight or be a politician to be a leader. Leadership is broad and does not exclude anyone, since leading should be everyone’s responsibility. Leadership can begin anywhere as long as it generates a positive impact and facilitates a positive change.
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Kelly Collins, Biology Major, 2015

 Leadership Lesson: Leadership is a motivational effort. The ultimate goal of a leader is to make followers want to participate and be inspired to implement a change. Being a part of the leadership development minor has shown me the importance of making sure that others are informed about a topic in order to motivate them to see a change in the future.

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Drew Davis, Sociology Major, 2013

  Leadership Lesson: I feel that many new groups underestimate the volatility of a group's development, and it's important to understand that all of these stages are likely to occur. In the midst of adversity, it is important for any group to persevere to achieve optimal "performance."

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Giorgio Del Vecchio, Business Management Major, 2014

 Leadership Lesson: Leadership is an art that has many elements. There are different styles, different techniques, and different strategies that a leader can use to achieve success. For my implementation of leadership, the functionality of the team that I am leading is crucial to achieving our goals. A leader must work hard to unify the team and give them what is necessary to lead them in the right direction which ultimately brings success.
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Jessica Flareau, Business Management Major, 2015

  Leadership Lesson: "The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born- that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born." —Warren Bennis
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Meg Hertz, Business Management Major, 2015

 Leadership Lesson:  I want to share how important communication is as I plan on going into the business world. If members of your team don't know what direction your business is heading in, nothing will get done.
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Erik Hoerner, Business Management Major, 2015

 Leadership Lesson: The most important thing I learned from the leadership minor is that everything is not a competition, and that you are more successful when you work as a group rather than when you work alone. I have learned to be more aware of my role in groups while developing my personal leadership style in order to achieve the most favorable outcome for the group.
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Michael Hubbard, Business Management Major, 2014

 Leadership Lesson: One lesson I have learned from the leadership minor is that we must be aware of how we treat others. In order to be a great leader you must be respected. In order to gain respect, you must first give it.

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Rithy Huot, Business Management Major, 2015

 Leadership Lesson: Always move forward despite the challenges that may appear in your path. Your passion and commitment to your goal along with the support of the people around you will help you to push forward. Sometimes it is okay to have setbacks, but what you do afterward will determine who you are. Remember to take a moment for yourself and appreciate what you have, including what it took to get you there, and where your future lies.
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Klaudia Kwasnik, Business Management Major, 2015  

  Leadership Lesson: One lesson that I have learned from this minor is that respect is one of the most important things a true leader must value. Without respect for other people and for ourselves we will not get far and be the positive and effective leaders we should strive to be.
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George Lambadis, Biology Major, 2015

 Leadership Lesson: Leadership is a journey. Everything around us shapes us as a leader; a leader and their followers influence each other respectively.
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Nadiya Pavlishyn, Applied Math and Statistics Major, 2015

 Leadership Lesson: I think the most important lesson I have learned was that I have to be proactive in any situation- no matter what. One’s attitude is extremely important in leadership and in general. In order to be the best person you can be, you must first develop a positive attitude and approach every situation that way. It is strictly up to you to make that happen, and you are the one that must take the first step!
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Priya Sohi, Biology Major, 2013

 Leadership Lesson: There are so many leadership styles out there for all different types of people. It’s not about which leadership style you use that makes you an effective leader, it’s how you use it that makes you a memorable one.
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Brendan Russo, Business Management Major, 2013

 Leadership Lesson: One leadership lesson that I have learned from the Leadership Development minor is that being a leader is not a title but, rather, a process. This process comes about as a relationship between the leader and followers of a given group or team. A leader, by definition, motivates and enables their followers to take action and accomplish a goal. Great leadership can come in many forms and styles, but the underlying concepts remain. These concepts can be learned, developed, and enhanced on many levels to bring about the leader or leadership qualities in anyone who believes in themselves.

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Yi Wan Wu, Health Science Major, 2015

 Leadership Lesson: Effective communication can solve many problems.
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