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Professional Model ePortfolios

Michael A. Spikes is a specialist and Educator in Electronic Media Design and Production, Application of Computer Technology and Multimedia in Educational Contexts, and Visual Journalism.

Sara Kardasz is working towards her Masters of Science in Technological Systems Management with a concentration in Education Technology. In Sara's ePortfolio you will find information, artifacts and reflections from courses she has completed while at Stony Brook. Sara has taught workshops, attended conferences, and is finding ways to connect students with technology on their quest to learn. 

Johnathon Liu is on faculty at Stony Brook. The molecular biophotonics laboratory at Stony Brook develops biomedical optical solutions for diagnostics and therapy.  For example, we are developing techniques to enable point-of-care pathology, a multidisciplinary endeavor that includes the development of advanced microscopic imaging devices, molecularly-targeted contrast agents, innovative strategies for quantifying biomarker expression, and reproducible metrics for defining tumor margins in preclinical animal models, and ultimately in humans. 


Rachel Koeth is a doctoral student in music at Stony Brook University. She is a teaching assistant for the Department of Music, a chamber musician, a soloist and an orchestral musician. Video performances, upcoming concerts, work experience and general information can be found on her ePortfolio.

Cynthia Davidson "I'm a faculty member in the Program in Writing in Rhetoric at Stony Brook University, and the Emerging Technologies Coordinator for the program.  I'm passionate about how technology changes the way that we communicate, persuade, and ignite our imaginative visions--and what we do to change our world by these means."

Nancy Wozniak "Nancy became Stony Brook University's first Learning Architect and ePortfolio Program Manager in 2008 and works in The Faculty Center, where she consults with faculty on course design and student learning. One of her projects has been documenting and promoting authentic learning and self-determined learning behaviors through the use of eportfolios."

Patricia Aceves "By day, I serve as the Director of The Faculty Center in Teaching, Learning + Technology at Stony Brook University.  In this role, I am responsible for leading a team of talented education professionals in providing teaching and learning and assessment services to faculty, instructional staff, teaching assistants and postdoctoral fellows across Campus."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.