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What an ePortfolio Is and Is Not


an ePortfolio is

  • a digital format to highlight and showcase the best of your academic work, co curricular activities, job experience, service to community, personal interests and reflect on those experiences have helped grow and learn.

  • a process to collect, select, reflect and connect your learning experiences in all areas of your life to promote your professional and personal development.

  • a way to give dimension to your resume and provide evidence of your work, abilities and skills to employers and graduate schools ... Collect, Select, Reflect, Connect and PROJECT!

  • an authentic learning and assessment strategy to document and enrich learning outcomes.

  • a teaching and/or research showcase for promotion, tenure, and professional development.

  • a learning strategy that facilitates life’s transitions and helps connect learning experiences and

    achievements over a lifetime.

an ePortfolio is not:


  • informal social networking. It’s not a professional Facebook. You reflect and make connection between your academic work, your career, and other interests. It’s a reflective process that connects all areas of your past, present, and future life.

  • a file storage site only.

  • more than a personal website or blog. Though website and blog components are present, an eportfolio

    is a collection of knowledge, abilities and skills connections between the academic, career, service, and

    personal area of the owner’s life. Reflection is the Connection.

  • another Blackboard or learning management system. Folio thinking completes the learning process.

    Students collect and select (upload) their work in the electronic pages (as they do in Blackboard), but they continue the process through reflection as they connect what they’ve learned to the next learning level and other courses and activities (present and past) outside the classroom.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.