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Self-Directed Model ePortfolios


Self-Directed: An eportfolio that begins either with a course or independent use, that incorporates any or all of the following aspects: co-curricular, self-reflection, multi-media use, personal interests, campus involvement, career related, community service, and design.



Rithy Huot is in the business leadership program. He is involved in several clubs and a member of dream activist.


Addie Browning has graduated from the L.E.A.D. and G.O.L.D. programs with honors. She has been captain of the Relay For Life team and participates in blood drives as frequently as possible. 


Sarah Georges Sarah is a biology major on the pre-med track. She loves to mentor others and wants to help as many people succeed as possible.


Jason Chen is a compute science major who loves attending events and being active on campus.


Eric Leung "The e-portfolio is not an autobiography, but a mere window to human nature. It's a living journal, epitomizing our growth as college students, professionals, and ultimately into future endeavors. It shows others that we are more than just text on a resume and we are dynamic. As time goes on, this medium serves to show great character while retaining the very fine details in the past worth reminiscing of."


Alicia Elliott "I’m a sophomore studying Engineering Science with a specialization in Environmental Engineering. I have been a teaching assistant for SBC 114, Physical Geography Lab, and hope to TA engineering classes in upcoming semesters. I’m also a peer mentor for the College of Engineering and Applies Sciences."


Michael Hejmej "There are no directions to how one must live life. Don't just do what you're good at. Find what you love. Do what you love. It's your life to live. My choice is to be a sports writer. What's yours?"


Eda Charmaine Gimenez "I have fun with almost everything I do and, as a result, I like to experience new adventures.  From drawing and attempting to compose music at home to mountain climbing and hiking outdoors, the things I enjoy vary.  Being young, I like to play sports like tennis, badminton, and riflery. And, although I sound pretty active and like to be productive, trust me, I know how to relax to life's sweet surrender."



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.