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Photography Model ePortfolios

Hronn Axelsdottir, Faculty

Vivian Chen - My name is Vivian Chen. I've always lived in Queens, NYC. I know Flushing like the back of my hand even though that's not very much to brag about. On campus, I live in Tabler and everyone can complain about the distance but I don't mind it. Aside from the Staller steps, I don't think there's any other place better to look at the stars. I also enjoy quiet bus rides because I can use that one moment of the day to sit back, relax, and still get where I need to go

Maria Plotkina- My name is Maria, I'm 19 and a sophomore studio art and English double major. I live in Brooklyn, NYC, though I was actually born in Russia and moved here when I was 6. At Stony Brook, I live on campus in Tabler Quad. I love art, writing, reading, taking walks, coffee, sleeping, reading Wikipedia articles on anything and everything, and other things of the sort. I took film photography in high school for a few semesters but I'm really excited to get an in-depth chance to learn much more about it.

Melissa Bares - My name is Melissa. I'm currently a junior at Stony Brook and I'm studying psychology with a minor in art. I have been born and raised in Deer Park on Long Island and I am a commuter student. My interests are anything to do with the water (ie. fishing, beach, boating, surfing), music, traveling, art (painting, drawing, sculpting, photography), reading (horror, suspense, non fiction, silly websites), and movies (horror, tacky chick flicks, b-rated man comedy). My experience with photography is limited to the typical automatic point and shoot cameras and I am excited to expand into film. I am definitely looking  forward to whats in store for me with this class!


Benn Yiufat Lam - My name is Benn Yiufat Lam, aka Benny. I am currently a sophomore Eningeering Science and Studio Art major in Stony Brook University. I am a Resident Assistance in Hand College, Tabler Quad. I was born in Hong Kong and have moved to the Brooklyn, New York at the age of 11. Some of my hobbies are swimming, biking, jogging, making art, listening to music, thinking and sleeping. I strongly believe in that one's life is what one make of it. 






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.