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Writing and Rhetoric

WRT 102

Intermediate Writing Workshop–A: This class emphasizes writing for academic purposes. Students learn strategies for extended writing assignments at the university. Short papers and at least two major essays in a variety of academic genres are required. Students will do extensive revision on multiple drafts in a variety of genres, including a researched argument and will be required to submit a final portfolio that must be judged acceptable by their teacher and an outsider reader.


WRT 302

Critical Writing Seminar: Special Topics
A writing seminar , with rotating historical, political, social, literary, and artistic topics suggested by the professors each semester . Frequent substantial writing projects are central to every version of the course. May be repeated for credit as the topic changes.


WRT 303

The Personal Essay: The personal essay is a form that has recently come back into fashion. In this case we will engage the form by writing our own personal essays as well as reading and responding to the work of writers who have come to define the genre: examples include Michel de Montaigne, Charles Lamb and E.B. White, as well as more contemporary writers such as John Didion and Scott Russell Sanders. We will explore the differences between shaping experience as truth in a personal essay or memoir and as a work of fiction. As a definition of personal essay evolves, we will consider whether personal writing and essay writing (or "essaying") have a place in academic writing. Students in this class will also be able to prepare a personal statement for their application for graduate or professional school.




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