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Model ePortfolios by Disciplines


Writing and Rhetoric

WRT 102

Alexia Faraguna - Some of my passions are learning something new everyday, soccer, the Jets, BodyCombat, BodyPump, the Yankees, the beach, reading, my friends, my family, traveling, watching old films, and my puppies. My two favorite places in the world to be are Brooklyn and Aruba.


Jasmin S. Abreu-  I am an individual who has let her past experiences shape her for the better and help prepare her for whatever comes her way.I like to keep my mindopen and flexible. I'm open to many new ideas and love to learn about cultures apart from the one I was raised.


Arielle Dollinger - I will sincerely miss my Writing 102 class.  I feel that the writing that I have done for this class has improved my skill as both a writer and an introspective thinker.  I have learned to experiment with different titles, using creative entitlement as an element to draw the reader in, which is not something that I had ever considered before taking this class. 


Daniel Ahmadizadeh - This portfolio represents my writing over the spring 2011 semester. My development as a writer has ameliorated significantly upon completion of each writing assignment, essay, and research paper. The ability to adequately fulfill the portfolio requirements as well as improving my writing has largely been due to my professor and the staff at the writing center. They have been able to pinpoint my flaws as a writer and have helped me fix the respective issues in my work.

In the Spotlight ePortfolio


Julia Nam - Coming to Stony Brook University as a freshman, I had many expectations and uncertainities. What will I do in the future? What major will I choose? Time is running out, and I need to choose. Oh how dreadful it is to select a path that will either lead to my success or my failure. They always say I have all the time in the world to decide, but time is saying otherwise. After examining my skills, interests and future happiness, I have decided.


Nikko Santiago - Over the past semester in Writing 102, I have seen much improvement in my writing skills. Never before have I been tasked with writing almost 20 pages in such little time. In high school, two pages were commonplace, with the occasional five or six page assignment. Through Writing 102 I have learned to delve into greater detail and focus on the specificities of the topic, instead of giving a brief two page overview that I could write the night before.

Aman Mundra - "Aman is a graduate of Arlington High School. Currently a second year student at Stony Brook University, he is pursuing a major in biochemistry and a minor in Indian studies, whilst concurrently completing both his pre-medcial and pre-law curricula. In addition, during the academic school year, he is a member of the University Scholars program, serving on the University Scholars Council, while in the summer, he works at Stony Brook University as an Orientation Leader."


WRT 302

Joseph Cavera - (WRT302/303) Inside this ePortfolio are works from WRT 302 and WRT 303, poetry, and reflections- all  creatively written and inspiring to read. 

Cynthia Davidson, faculty

In the Spotlight ePortfolio


WRT 303

Annie Bernberg - Superb Art and Writing Portfolio! Digital Story included.
"I'm that person who sings along to The Backstreet Boys when "I Want it That Way" starts playing on the radio at Waldbaums."
Cynthia Davidson, faculty



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.