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Writing and Rhetoric 102 Model ePortfolios for Fall Semester 2012


Asaf Harari is an engineering science major. He was born in Israel and has made his way to The Bronx High School of Science and now to Stony Brook. Asaf's desire is to understand how machines work and why certain designs are in use.


Nicole Pasquino loves art, atumn, helping others and traveling.



Crystal Ling "My ultimate goal for the future is to become an editorial stylist for a fashion and beauty magazine."


Bryan Szeglin is Pre-Med biology major. In addition to biology, Bryan has a profound interests in graphic design (in both 2D and 3D space), photography and computers.


Sora Ko is an accounting major. A transfer student from California, is pursing an accounting degree at Stony Brook with here eyes set on working in the fashion or cosmetic industry. Her interests include family, friends, talking with elders and doing yoga.


Casey Boguslaw is a linguistics major with the goal of becoming a speech and language pathologist. She also is an artist, and loves to help people overcome obstacles.


Carolin Berendsen is a business major. She has her resume, her writing, and her business coursework on her ePortfolio. Carolin's friendly and welcoming design really encourages the viewer's curiosity.


Cora Man is on the pre-med track. Her interests have developed over her career as a student, and now she hopes to open a pediatric clinic.


Gilbert Worotikan is from Queens, NY. He loves playing in the marching band and is currently majoring in business management.


Sheena Mago is a biology major on the pre-med track and is also in WISE. This native Long Islander is currently living on campus.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.