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Writing and Rhetoric 102 Model ePortfolios for Winter Semester 2013


Adrienne Blaser "I'm an Asian/Asian American Studies major in the Honors College. I have a severe case of wanderlust that I've found I constantly need to feed. The above picture was taken June 2012 at the Berlin Wall. In my spare time I work at my local library while secretly reading books in the stacks instead of putting them away. I also love languages; besides English I'm fluent in German, proficient in Spanish, and working on Mandarin here at SBU."


Ruby Zhao "I'm currently a Biology major following the pre-med track who's from Syosset, NY. Even though from my major and life path it may seem I'm more of a science and logical person, I'm actually not. Like above, I'm like froot loops, nothing about me is ever set in stone."


Jesus Pichardo  "I am a bio major on the pre-med track with a digital arts minor. I continue with my photography by being a photographer for the school newspaper, the Statesman, and as the photographer for Hand College."


Ariel Yang "Ariel Yang enjoys speaking in third person. As much as she would like to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry next fall, she is neither magical nor eleven, so college is the next best thing. She is majoring in biomedical engineering and plans to become a surgeon. When not memorizing functional groups or rock types, she can be found knitting DNA strands, making atrocious puns, and doodling anatomically inaccurate tyrannosaurs."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.