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Writing and Rhetoric 302 Model ePortfolios


Amanda Demenescu is of Romanian decent and was born and bred in New York City. She is a biology major, and a writing minor so she is either always writing an essay or studying some science related thing.  Her birthday is Valentines Day which means she can draw amazing hearts.


Balpreet Kaur Only viewable within the Stony Brook University Community. "I am double major with Biology and Health Science with a concentration in Public Health. I want to pursue a career as a pediatrician. As a third year college student, I am proud of the fact that I have made it this far."


Sheilly Banerjee She researched "lifestyle blogs" such as A Beautiful Mess, and created her own, Iced Peppermint Mocha, that got quite a few hits (over 300) on the Internet, then analyzed the experience.  Her digital story is about the power of words.


Todd Latchford is a health science management major who is minoring in writing. He has several writing courses on his ePortfolio, as well as sections for his resume and trips


Kevin Elaahi is majoring in biomedical engineering with plans of attending medical school. His interests include computers, cars, music, sports and his family. Some topics explored in his ePortfolio are the media's involvement on presidential campaigns, and how the Internet promotes organizations.


Jenna Hallock belongs to a fan fiction community based in LiveJournal, and she interviewed two women who write a fan fiction called A Monster By Any Other Name, nicknamed Freak Camp, which is based on the TV show,Supernatural.  She surveyed hundreds of people in the community about the effect fan fiction and art has had on their lives.  She created a LiveJournal site so she could post the project there and the fan fiction people could view it.  The results of all her original research from the survey are also available there.


Solomon Husain has created an original song and posted it on Soundcloud.  His final project was about how being an amateur musician has changed due to new media, and he researches this as well as discusses his process of making original music.  His digital story features himself and his friend doing sound recording in the dorm.


Alicia Ishaque is spontaneous and friendly, with an eye for design and photography. She loves psychology, CSS, reading and music. Her content includes topics such as YouTube, the effects of music with images, and the modern obsession of the camera.


George Lambadis is an aspiring stand-up comic, and belongs to a comedy guild; they are shooting a movie, and he did his digital story on the making of this movie called The Guild.   It's very entertaining and features bits from the stage routines of several young SBU comedians.  His final  project was about how new media affects being a comedian, both in content and form. 


Christopher Pellicano is a pre-dental student who is completely passionate about dentistry.  He made his entire final portfolio into a multimedia guide for pre-dental students, with tons of tips for being a better student in college while making optimal use of digital tools.  His digital story  promotes enthusiasm for studying dentistry at SBU, and makes it looks like a warm and wonderful experience.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.