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Writing and Rhetoric 303 Model ePortfolios for Spring Semester 2013


Todd Latchford has an eportfolio brimming with personality, writing samples and photos.


Michelle Jiang Is a mother, wife, sister, a daughter, a pre-nursing student and a friend.


Lisa Ferguson Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community"I'm a very compassionate person. I don't think it is necessarily the character trait people would use to describe me upon first meeting me, but I sort of enjoy that ambiguity about myself. I love my loved ones with a depth that I don't consider common and I would sacrifice anything for them. I hope these parts of my identity, along with various others, are conveyed to the reader through my writing."

Alyssa Marin is entering the two-year nursing program in the fall. She is a transfer student who loves to bake and loves to enjoy the simple things of life.


Ashley S. Johnson is majoring in Economics and History, with a minor in Political Science. She is a transfer student from the University at Albany, SUNY. She enjoys volunteering on the Stony Brook Academic Judiciary Board.


Danny Nghieu is a an instrumentalist, a cyclist, and a sports enthusiast from Philadelphia. He is currently studying Engineering.


Tim Ferris "My plans for life after college were simple. I saw myself travelling the world, locating treasure, and fighting Nazis. I wanted to be Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, college has done nothing to prepare me for dodging bullets, cracking a bullwhip, or running away from rolling boulders." View his digital story here.


Faiza Chowdhury "I'm a Political Science major with a knack for making the world a better place." View her digital story here.


Sandre Cheng Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community "I was born in Jamaica the country and raised in Jamaica, Queens NY by my single mother. I'm the oldest of four children; one twin brother and two sisters. I have lived in countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Jamaica. But now I am here in New York pursueing my dreams of becoming a medical physician."

Ying Tang Only viewable within the Stony Brook Community Ying becomes "

very philosophical and sometimes doubtful about the meaning and existence of life during the final exams week."

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.