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Women's Studies

WST 291

 Michelle Barbadaes- "In both gender studies and its search for equality among sexes, I believe that both men and women must not want reform just for the sake of being labeled reformists, or fighters. Men and women must join together and do what is best for mankind. Some may say that, that is revolutionary in itself and so be it, but I would like to think that change comes from need to change and not the want to label ourselves or our movements." 
Kelli Flores, Faculty 


John Aguilar - "I think the world should not give everything a definition because somethings can't be explained and are better when they are left alone. Also thinking differently is a challenge when you’re facing society because many people are used to the norm."


Michelle Hernandez - "I have a strong belief that in order to see change, you must be the change you want to see; therefore I have become very passionate in wanting to help society develop into a more accepting environment for children where there can have an outlet to express themselves outside their home."

Nuria Martinez - My name is Nuria Martinez. I attend Stony Brook University, I am currently a freshman. I'm majoring in Psychology and I'm double minoring in Human Sexual and Gender Developmet and Women Studies.  This eportfolio was created for my WST 291 Course.

Ashely Hastings - I learned alot about myself in this class, and I'm not just saying that. I read articles about thoughts that I never knew exisited, and never would have if I did not take WST 291. I found that I am very interested in Feminism in general. I'll take the major theories with me as I go through life. Feminism is another lens to look at life situations with. One that has opened up my way of thinking forever

Megan Uihlein - In taking Introduction to Feminist Theory at Stony Brook, I would have to immediately state that this class was a lot of firsts for me in both professor and content.  This being the first time this class was taught at Stony Brook,  I would have to argue that this is an essential class to any gender studies major or minor simply because it highlights a lot of areas of feminism that can not be covered in general classes.  Outside of the course being necessary, I found it refreshing to learn about a lot of topics in feminism that I was unaware of.  Of course the idea of what was assigned in readings were familiar, but specific authors were not.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.