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       My name is Rana Said and I am a senior in the Pharmacology Undergraduate program at Stony Brook University. I came to the United States as an immigrant from Egypt in 2005; leaving behind family members, friends, and many great memories.

         The transition from Alexandria, the small coastal city I grew up in that had a little French Catholic school I attended form kindergarten to high school, to the big apple was not quite simple.  The obstacles of homesickness, the absence of my supportive social circle, the language barrier, adapting to a new environment/WEATHER , pursuing my academic goals, as well as finding a job took a heavy toll on me.Through these obstacles I learned that I had a fighter in me, and that I was willing to do the work to reach my goals.


           I always found it hard to choose one set career to pursue for the rest of my life. I bounced from wanting to become an interior designer to a translator to a pharmacist; however I knew all along that I had a great interest in scientific applications. After years of contemplating my future, asking for advice and opinions, and volunteering in different fields I realized that being a physician could be the best fit for my personality.

I aspire to become a pediatrician because volunteering at Stony Brook Children Hospital made life worth while, and I would hate to ever stop taking care or being part of these children's lives.


            Last, many have seen the current events in Egypt and the persistence and strong will of the people fighting for their dignity, human rights, and the end of corruption. No one ever thought that victory in conquering years of opression could be possible, but it was! My country made me proudly believe that dreams do come true and hopefully one day I will make mine a reality too.


And remember:"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather (MOSTLY FREEZING IN NY), always bring your own sunshine" =D  ~Anthony J. D'Angelo






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