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Progress Report, Week 12: April 25th

On Monday, we met in Life Science in order to discuss our experiences as Stony Brook students majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Our opinions were heard by the undergraduate director, Molly Frame, and the Department Chair, Clinton Rubin. In additional, we have begun to fill out extensive surveys, reflections, and course evaluations. Our individual reflections should be posted in a new tab.


Wednesday was the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (URECA) Poster Symposium. After several difficulties in printing our poster (Overly filled slots, paper jams, and low ink), we presented seamlessly. Those who approached us were interested and impressed by the concept of laymans determining their own blood pressure with such easily attainable supplies.


On Friday, we sealed the LDPE (low density polyethylene, sandwich bag), with nail polish, to the housing. Our immediate goal was to determine the ultimate ability of the device and whether the aluminum redirection and amplification is necessary. We received great warning that the airplane model glue would "melt" the plastic housing, so we instead used generic super glue. Our first trial used a circular nail polish design facing the interior. The test indicated no clear movement of the LDPE membrane. We repeated this test with the nail polish facing the exterior, and again, there was no movement. As the housing have slightly deteriorated from this continual gluing, we will be moving back to the design that Lester created with the metal ring. We will try several things with his design before our presentation:


  1. Gluing the membrane to Lester's design; Gluing the membrane to the ring unused in George's design;
  2. Reincorporating microbeads;
  3. Using just dried nail polish, without the LDPE, as the visual indicator;
  4. Redesigning the aluminum cone to have a smaller surface area face;
  5. Perhaps a qualtitative comparison to the accuracy of the stethoscope with respect to our device

Ada Tsoi

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.