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Progress Report, Week 9: April 14th

This week was our turn to discuss testing in class. We determined methods to quantify our visual indicator and specified an extensive list of variables.


Beyond our plans to test, we are further exploring a conical addition to our design. Based on research we've done involving the Bernoulli Principle, we're trying to justify amplification of our methodology in a more quantitative manner. Furthermore, we have fabricated a cone out of aluminum (soda can) and ran into a few problems. Our method involved two concentric circles of specific geometric size to overlap into a cone. Although the dimensions were correct, the edges were not level and thus, it does not sit perfectly on the surface of our diaphragm. We are attempting more geometric calculations to best fix this issue.


We also have begun editing a poster for the URECA presentation on April 27th. Again, our abstract is under the design tab.


Ada Tsoi

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.