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Our device improves on the current methods for taking blood pressure by altering the traditional sphygmomanometer method and utilizing sound to produce a visual representation. In doing so, the need to train medical personnel to listen to Korotkoff sounds is removed. In addition, our device will be non-electronic and hence independent of a power source. This feature allows our device to mainly be  used in developing nations where electricity is not only unstable but also very scarce.



The two designs we have now are similar to prior art in the respect that we use a cuff and gauge reading. Asides from that we removed the stethoscope, did not incorporate a computer system, removed the dependence on training to take proper readings, and added two brand new methods. The first being a membrane that reacts to the Korotkoff sounds and displays the blood pulsing. The second utilizes fiber optics to cause slight bending in the fiber resulting in color alteration and a visual representation of the blood pulse*.


Obviousness: Our device is unobvious in the sense that we are representing the conventional audio signal into a visual one by the means described above.


01. Need

Blood pressure, hyper/hypotension, heart disease and heart failure,

02. Structure

Epoxy fiberglass diaphragm, glass beads in an enclosed housing, nitrile membrane.

03. Function

(membrane): flexible membrane, vibrating steel pellets, visual movement on membrane

(fiber optics): light alteration, visual representation of blood pressure, bending due to blood pulse*


Prior Art Search:

*Fiber optic sensor is still being investigated and as of the moment is currently not our primary design focus

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.