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Selfie with Wolfie at Stony Brook Spring Concert, Brookfest 2017.


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Welcome to my E-portfolio!


     My name is Brandon Loo and I am from Bayside, Queens. I lived in Queens my entire life and as a result I have acquired many experiences.  I am the middle child of my family, as I have one younger brother, aged 13, Nicholas, and an older brother, aged 23, Brian. They were all born in America but my parents were born in China, with my mom being born in Hong Kong and my dad being born in Macau, a former Portuguese colony.  My parents were very caring and encouraging. They pushed me to do well in school and gave me a lot of freedom to do what I want.


    I have always loved to read. My favorite series at a young age was the Magic Tree House. It was always interesting to learn about the places the kids, Jack and Annie, in the series go to. They are the reason of my huge interest in history. The most recent book series I have read are those by Rick Riordan, who has written the Percy Jackson series. The way he combines mythology and modern life is what intrigues me of this series. 


    Television is a pastime for many, including me. If you're about my age, 19, I'm pretty sure you watched the Saturday morning cartoons on Kids WB 11, which included Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Digimon, Teen Titans, etc. Then there are the PBS children shows like Dragon Tales, Sesame Street, Arthur, and Cyberchase. I may be 18, but I still watch these shows on occasion with my little brother if I am bored. Reading those names probably brought you back to your childhood in which you wake up early on Saturday or rush home after school to watch TV, right? I hope so. In addition, because I grew up without cable, I only had the local channels to watch. My favorites TV series on these channels are Bones, Fringe, NCIS: LA, CSI: Miami and New York, and more recently Resurrection. Nature, NOVA, and American Experience are also series that I enjoy watching on PBS. 


     At a young age, I was so interested in building that my parents bought wooden blocks and Legos for me. They thought I should become either an Architect or a Civil engineer, which is the major I'm pursuing. In addition I am a history and geography fanatic. I love reading and learning about history, discovering the past and the present and how things have changed over time. This might be my backup occupation which is to become a history teacher.


      I have attended New York City public schools my entire life and the vast diversity has influenced my beliefs and opinions. Attending Middle School 158 and Benjamin N Cardozo High School has  led me to have friends from all parts of the world. Because of that, I am open minded and friendly to most people. 


    You are free to browse the different sections of my e-portfolio if you're interested in reading my opinions and essays on technology, pieces of my writing portfolio, photography or my articles for the Asian American E-zine, a student media club. 


An article of mine was recently published on another website: http://bit.ly/1Rd8Lzv


Check out my photography at this links! 

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1G80nB4

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130838115@N07/albums

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brandon.loo95/



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For the month of Febraury, my Humans of Stony Brook posts on 4 SUNY Korea students was featured on Stony Brook's website. Here's the link to the article



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