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Job Title: Full-Time Lecturer in the Writing Program.  


Phone: (631) 632-4213


Curriculum Vitae: click here.


Office Location: H-2102


Education: Ph.D., English, Stony Brook University. Topic: “Forgetting and Remembering: Narrating Holocaust Childhoods in Hiding."


Click here for Bibliography; click here for Introduction.  Ph.D., December 2015;

M.S.W., Adelphi University, 1976; B.A. Humanities, New College of Hofstra University, 1971.    


Courses Taught (Stony Brook University):

  • ESM 696: Materials Science -- Academic Writing Seminar (graduate)
  • WRT 200: Business Writing Workshop
  • WRT 102: Intermediate Writing
  • WRT 101: Introductory Writing Workshop

Professional Interests: Composition and Rhetoric; Holocaust literature; Creative Nonfiction; Business Writing.          




"Trauma as Leviathan: The Monster under the Text in Georges Perec’s W or the

Memory of Childhood." Holocaust Studies, session 3.7. Association for Jewish Studies annual convention, Washington D.C. December 17, 2017. Address.


"Cut the Living Child in Two: Compound Personality in the Narrative of a Hidden Child

Survivor." Holocaust Studies, session 3.4. Association for Jewish Studies 

annual convention, San Diego. December 18, 2016. Address.


"The Shattered Self: Hiding from the Nazis, Hiding in the Text." Holocaust Studies,

session 12.16. Association for Jewish Studies  annual convention, Boston. December 15, 2015. Address.


Faculty Discussion Group Co-Presenter, Stony Brook University. "Teaching Online."

(Nov. 4, 2014).


Faculty Discussion Group Co-Leader, Stony Brook University. "Responding to

Student Writing." (April 9, 2014).


"'Shan't Tell': Sex, Lies and the Unspeakable in the Fiction of Jerzy Kosinski."

Fraud and Forgery in Literary Texts/Sponsor: Association for Documentary Editing. MLA Annual Convention, Boston. 4 January 2013. Address.


Waiting for Godot: Autistic Spectrum Students in the Writing Classroom.”

Disability in the Composition Class:  Inclusion and Adaptation/Sponsor: MLA Committee on Disability Issues in the Profession and the Division on the Teaching of Writing. MLA Annual Convention. Seattle. 6 Jan. 2012. Address. 


"Terms of Engagement: Writing Without a Map." SUNY Council on Writing. Stony

Brook University, 26 April, 2008. Address.


Faculty Discussion Group Leader, Stony Brook University. "Teaching Students with

Disabilities." (March, 2007).


Faculty Discussion Group Leader, Stony Brook University. "Bloom's Taxonomy in

the Writing Classroom." (October, 2003). 


Publications and Awards:


Sofia, Carolyn Ariella. "Bringing Lessons from Homeschool to the Writing

Classroom."  100.2 English Journal (November 2010): 98-104.


Sofia, Carolyn. "Daphne Merkin." Contemporary Jewish American Authors. Ed.

Michael Taub. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1996.


Kessner, Carole S. and Carolyn Sofia. "Selected Bibliography of Literary Criticism

on American Jewish Fiction and Authors." Jewish Book Annual (vol. 50). NY: Jewish Book Council, 1992. 


Sofia, Carolyn. "After a Talking Cure That Didn't." (Poetry) Finalist 2005. Institute

for Medicine in Contemporary Society. Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center.


Additional Achievements or Awards: 


President’s Distinguished Travel Grant, Stony Brook University, 2017.


President's Award for Teaching Excellence/Graduate Student Award; SUNY/ Stony

Brook, 1995.


Faculty Advisor/Lecturer, Long Island Center for Jewish Studies, 1993-1997




Association for Jewish Studies 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.