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Hi!! My name is Jeanette Tang and this is my CSE 334 e-portfolio. I put a lot of effort into making each and every part of this portfolio so I hope you enjoy looking through it.


Five awesome facts about me:

  • I am a senior year health science informatics major. What is health science informatics (I get that a lot...)? Well, health science is a combination of information systems, computer science and biological sciences. Needless to say, I'll hopefully be designing and creating databases for the health industry!
  • I am not a tech saavy person. SURPRISE! Although technology overall is my weakness, I enjoy learning about it and try to make it my strong point.
  • I'm a big marine girl! If money and education was not an issue, I probably would buy myself a submarine and sail the ocean, discovering new species.
  • My friends all call me "Penguin". Why? Well, I kind of look like a penguin when I run and I love to eat fish.
  • I'm a pretty shy person thus I do not approach strangers voluntarily. But don't think I'm anti-social! I just enjoy observing people more than I like talking.
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