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Academic Publications

Awards and Grants


Selected Book Reviews

  • Luca: A Discourse on Life and Death by Rochelle Owens” in Provincetown Arts(2001).

  • cybersexualities: a Reader on Feminist Theory, Cyborgs, and Cyberspace edited by Jenny Wolmark in SFRA Review 246 (2000-2001).

  • Imagining Apocalypse edited by David Seed in SFRA Review 245 (Mar/Apr 2000).

  • Harold Jaffe:  Seeking the (Black Hole) Sun” in electronic book review 10 (1999).

  • Another Chicago Magazine:  "Sentry Towers by Maria Luisa Spaziani" in  35 (1999).; “New and Selected Poems 1961-1997 by Rochelle Owens" in 35 (1999); “Angel, Interrupted by Reginald Shepherd” in 34 (1998); “Pretty Happy!by Peter Johnson" in  34 (1998); “Because the Brain Can be Talked Into Anythingby Jan Richman" in 32/33 (Spring/Summer 1997).


 Selected Poetry in Muse Apprentice Guild, Crania, SNARK, Old Crow, Barkeater: The Adirondack Review,Another Chicago Magazine, tight, Voices International, Black River Review, The Poet's Edge, Zuzu's Petals Quarterly Online, Slightly West, Lucid Stone, Private,Wire, Willow Review, Ariel, Overtures. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.