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Who would have ever thought that I'd ever have a class field trip to a landfill.  I've never been to a Waste Management Facility so this was a new experience for me. 


I learned many things and, for one, the amount of trash our world generates is definitely getting out of hand.  The amount of money we spend in tax dollars just to clean up after ourselves is crazy and I didn't like the thought of that.  Honestly, our waste is something we take for granted.  Well, I mean, it's something I know that I have.


Every week we take out our bins and a truck comes over and hauls our garbage away.  But, have you ever wondered what really happens to it afterwards?  Probably not.


Well, it's fairly simple.  Our garbage gets hauled to facilities just like this, where it gets compacted and treated, ready to be trucked to other states, if not burned in  incineration plants, since New York State does not manage it's own garbage.






Going to this facility definitely made me more conscious of wasteful packaging and recyclables.  Seeing trash all around me was definitely out of the ordinary.  It opened my eyes.


Unrecyclable plastic laid there.


Our paper/cardboard waste stacked high.


The amount of bottles from water and soda alone was shocking.


There was so much that the storage overflowed with them.



And to think, management of this facility happens everyday.  This one facility alone managed this much trash, taking care of only a few cities.  Now, what does that mean for us as Long Island, even more so on a global scale?  There's just so much trash to handle and we as citizens must consider its consequences.

Garbage is a serious global issue and it is a shame that we all take it for granted.


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