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How students can enroll in your course ePortfolio


Below are instructions for finding your course ePortfolio:


1) After logging into stonybrook.digication.com, click 'Courses' on the top navigation bar




2) Under My Courses, click 'Find' (pictured below)



3) Under Find Course, enter the three-letter course code for your course

(i.e. WRT, BUS, EST, CSE, etc.)





NOTE: You also have the option to search for your course by Course Number. Type in just your 'Course Number' in the box pictured below (ie: 102, 115, 312, etc.)   



4) When your course appears, click on it (pictured below)



NOTE: Some courses may require a password. Enter the password your professor provides you with and click 'Enroll' (pictured below)



You should now be enrolled in your course!



Contact Us: 

If you need help at any point, you can email us at eportfolio@stonybrook.edu


Below is the link to our Contact Page.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.