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How to Create a Course

(Downloadable Instructions)

1. Before you create a course, you must first log in to: 



2. In the upper right hand corner, click the green 'Log In' Button


3. Enter your Net ID and password


You should have now successfully logged in to your Digication account!


4. On your homepage, click on 'Courses' located on the top taskbar (pictured below)



5. Under My Courses, click 'Create' (pictured below)



 6. You will now be asked to fill out some details about your class.

For 'Title', enter the course number, semester and name.  (WRT 102.44 Fall 2014 John Doe). For 'Course Number' enter in your course number, and for 'Description' you may copy and paste the information from 'Title'.  Underneath 'When is this available", fill in the dates the course starts and ends. Finally, click 'Create' on the bottom left.


****Notes: If you want your students to be able to enroll in your course, select the check box for 'Allow Student to Enroll.' If you want to add the student names yourself, you do not need to check this box.


*Also, you may unselect tools you will not be using. Keep 'Portfolios' selected.





7. Next, on the homepage of your course, under the 'Course Checklist' click on 'Click here to add students'. *Warning: Internet Explorer may inhibit the "Adding Students" feature. Try a different browser, like Chrome.





8. Then it will introduce you to a screen where you can search and add your students. Look up the name of the student from the roster on Blackboard and enter their first and/or last name on the screen. After the student appears on the screen, click on the plus sign next to the student's name to add him/her to your class.




9. Once everybody you want is entered in your class, hit 'Save' at the bottom left of the screen. You should then see the course under the "Courses" tab on your homepage.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.