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Welcome to ePortfolio Help 101!    

 We are Live. We are Real. We are Now.          


For the best results, we suggest viewing this website on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox hides a few video tutorials that you might need.


This help page serves as a basic guide for creating and maintaining your ePortfolio. For examples of model Stony Brook ePortfolios located here or browse through the ePortfolio Directory



Knowledge Base Contents:


1. Benefits of Having an ePortfolio


2. Create an ePortoflio


3. Add Text to an ePortfolio


4. Add Images to an ePortfolio


5. Embed Video in an ePortfolio


6. Create Your Digital Story


7. How to Design your ePortfolio


8. Reflection Prompts for your ePortfolio


9. Protect Your Content


10. Create a Digication Course


11. How to Enroll Students in a Course ePortfolio


12. Instructions for Your Required Course ePortfolio


13. How to Grant Team Members Access to a Group ePortfolio


14. See Model Examples of ePortfolios


15. Help for Alumni


16. Contact Us




 -If you are an alumni looking to access your ePortfolio, you may find information how to do so by clicking Alumni


Contact Us


Contact Digication

For phone, submitting a message, viewing support materials, etc:



Contact Stony Brook TLT Student Help Desk


In Person

For help, please see a TLT SINC Consultant in the Melville Library SINC Site.


If you walk into the library through the Faculty Center entrance, pass through the SINC site and it is the Student Help Desk on the left near the double doors.


If you enter the library near the main entrance (near the book drop-off), pass the commuter lounge and make a left through the double doors into the SINC Site. 


By Email 

If you have a question for us, please email us at eportfolio@stonybrook.edu. We are happy to assist you!


By Chat

Chat Live with the TLT Student Help Desk! stonybrook.edu/helpme


Attend a Workshop

Visit the DoIT Calendar at it.stonybrook.edu/events


By Phone

(631) 632-9602



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2012 - 2013 ePortfolio Consultants at the

5th Annual Teaching and Learning Colloquium

From Left to Right: Harsh, Rachel, Junaid, Emily, Michael, Joseph, Alicia

Not Pictured: Linda and Dillon.

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