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Using a Template to Create an ePortfolio


What is a Template?                                                            

Most students use a template when they are creating an ePortfolio for the first time, as a required component of their coursework. A template for a course is a model eportfolio from which a student can understand what is expected from them in terms of format and assignments. Students are also encouraged to add sections that relate to their template, whether that be events, further research, community service, resources, etc.


Creating Your ePortfolio                                                      

Use the pages to the left for any directions you need. These instructions will walk you through logging into your Digication account, to creating your ePortfolio, to adding or changing various features of your ePortfolio. 



If you have already created an ePortfolio and are required to use an ePortfolio for another class, simply add the contents of the template for your class to your existing ePortfolio under a new Section




Getting Help


In Person


For help, please see a TLT SINC Consultant in the Melville Library SINC Site.



If you walk into the library through the Faculty Center entrance, pass through the SINC site and it is the Student Help Desk on the left near the double doors.



If you enter the library near the main entrance (near the book drop-off), pass the commuter lounge and make a left through the double doors into the SINC Site. 



By Email 


If you have a question for us, please email us at eportfolio@stonybrook.edu. We are happy to assist you!



By Chat


Chat Live with the TLT Student Help Desk! www.stonybrook.edu/helpme




Attend a Workshop


Visit the DoIT Calendar at http://it.stonybrook.edu/events/calendar/month



Visit the Help Page





By Phone


(631) 632-9602


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.