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Job Title - Assistant Project Manager


Job - Do AutoCAD designing for the division of Residential Operations and manage the construction sites while they're under renovation.


Software Used - AutoCAD 2013


Skills -



Team Work



Brief Job Description -


Work under the Planning Manager for the Division of Residential Operations to assist with the renovations taking place each year. Every year, one residential quad on campus goes under renovation during the summer, to make that happen, me and my team go to each building to measure up the floors plan, including every inch of detail from the bathrooms and the kitchens to resident hall director's room. After that we draw them up on AutoCAD, crosscheck with our previous year's designs, make a note of changes, if any and then go back to the quads to get details about the materials used in the buildings. Later on when the renovations take place, we stay on site to make up to date progress reports and keep a check on the construction.


Supervisor - Peter Gerace

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.