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Business Development

Expanded the infrastructure of the Prezi Campus Ambassador 2013-2014 Program through the
recruitment of over 800 applicants.
- Interviewed and extended offers to over 75 new student ambassadors.
- Developed the on-boarding process for new student ambassadors: social media marketing, guerrilla marketing, brand evangelism, public relations, and leadership development.



- Acquired over 600 new users, 2,000 presentations, and 100,000 views through marketing campaigns.
- Founded Stony Brook Prezi, the first Prezi community at Stony Brook, which acquired the following of over numerous followers and generated weekly visits. 
- Coordinated the Prezi at Earthstock contest and acquired over 100 new users in 3 hours.
- Supervised a team of 9 members to execute marketing campaigns and publicity outreach. 
- Facilitated a workshop seminar on how to effectively use Prezi in the workplace for the Division of Information and Technology on a bi-weekly basis.



- Used AutoCAD for designing the floor plans of residential buildings.

- Auto parts like crank lever, rocker arm, slotted shim, secotr gasket, manifold plates, and a lot more.


Autodesk Inventor

- Undergone an intense 6-week industrial training for Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing.

- Developed hold down clamps, angle brackets, star spacers, pistons, gears, drills.


NX 8 (Currently Learning)

- Used NX 8 to design auto parts for the Stony Brook Motorsports.

- Part of current coursework.



- Been using MATLAB for problem solving, graph generation, data manipulation.

- Developed a program to extract data from the stock market and generate a graph indicating the ideal selling and buying times for the stocks. (Details under the MATLAB tab)


C, C++ and JAVA

- Certified training in intermediate level C, C++ and JAVA programming.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.