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Hilda Wong

Business Management/Information Systems

Class of 2015


I am 20 years old, residing in Fresh Meadows, New York. Although I live in Queens, I am always in the area of Manhattan, the city that never sleeps. I am currently a Junior at Stony Brook University, majoring in Business Management with a specialization in Marketing, and minoring in Information Systems.


I'm a mix of Cantonese and Fujianese. Although I have a barrier in reading and writing Chinese, that doesn't stop me from adoring cultural shows, and cultural cuisine. If eating was a job, I'd probably make millions. However, since this isn't the case, I'll just stick to eating as my favorite hobby. I love to travel around the city tasting all kinds of cuisine, especially from Italian and fancy restaurants. Not to mention, I'm obession with all kinds of sugary desserts. I believe my parents have spoiled me with these yummy obsessions due to being the only child of the family. This has allowed me to grow and understand the concepts of being independent and have a stronger bond with my parents.


I enjoy chasing my dreams, and always breaking past barriers that come in my way. I enjoy the little things in life, including being with my friends and family most of the time. On my leisure days, I enjoy photography, and long strolls across the night skies. Although I often falthom the thought of what may happen after I finish college, I take things one step at a time. The wonders of what Stony Brook University has brought upon me is imaginable. Being constantly surrounded by amazing friends, a loving and caring club, and the simple night stars have made the past three years unforgettable. 


♥ ✌ 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.