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Dear Portfolio Readers,

Hello there, welcome to my portfolio! My name is Hilda Wong. I am currently a freshman at Stony Brook University. I am a Business major and possibly a Computer Science minor. I currently reside in Fresh Meadows, New York. I like to relax and hangout with my friends, but I can also be studious whenever necessary. I enjoy being around company; however, I am very independent due to being an only child at home. Entering college, my writing skills were not as compatible compared to other students. However, taking Writing 102 allowed me to improve my writing ability and comprehension skills.

Within my semester, I completed a series of papers and essays required in my class. I had many options to choose from, however I decided to write a textual analysis, “Love or Fantasy”, on “The Future of Love” by Graham Barbara. Graham carries out her idea that we expect our marriages to be long-term passionate love affairs, but since the idea is unrealistic, we are unhappy. I believe that our society today continues to follow this trend of “unrealistic” marriage, and in order for us to get out it, we must approach the concept of love differently in order to change how society perceives love.

The next essay that I wrote was my research argument on sleep deprivation. I believe this topic should be addressed to many people because sleep deprivation is a huge concern among kids, especially college students. We are often bombarded with many distractions and procrastination that leads us to do things very last minute and lack sleep. We need to limit ourselves in sleeping so late by fixing our habits. Sleep should be something beneficial, rather than being a burden.

The last essay I was assigned to was an informal essay, “When words fail music speaks”, on the topic of music. Music is something that I have a great passion for, whether it’s just listening to it casually, using it as company, avoiding awkward situations, bringing friends together, expressing feelings and emotions, or just focusing on work. Words are not just words, and lyrics are not just parts of a song, but instead it holds a special meaning behind it all.

As well, I was given two in class essays to work on throughout the semester. I wrote about the “Transporting Of Time” which speaks of the changes in our culture and society when a person from the 1900s is suddenly moved to the 2012. The person would feel both the sense of dislocation and disorientation when stepping into the new society they’ve been through to due to the major advancements occurring. The other was “A Sugary Sensation” essay about how to make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. It is an essay showing step by step on how to make a delicious simple dessert.

This writing class allowed me to learn so much more than I expected. Although my writing skills are still not at it’s best, I continue to improve and work on various ways to strengthen my writing. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to take this class. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a nice day!

Hilda Hoi- Ting Wong

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.