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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my e-Portfolio.


My name is Jeanette Wong, and I am currently a Senior at Stony Brook University, majoring in Health Science.


Right before my college career began, I attended my first conference ever, UniPro’s Multinational Forum for Pilipino Young Professionals, Students, and Youth, also known as Summit. Initially, I simply wanted to be a delegate and explore the grounds of professionalism, cultural diversity, and networking. Around a month before the conference, I was contacted by one of the directors of the organization. They noticed my interest in events management and my involvement with the community, and as a result, asked me if I wanted to help out as a volunteer. Little did I know that it was then and there, that I got exposed to the Filipino community and fell in love with it's leadership culture. After Summit, I joined UniPro as an intern. The more involved I got with the Filipino community, the more my passion grew for working with others to unite students and young professionals. Over the past two years, I have expanded my outreach from the Filipino-American community to the greater Asian-American community as well.


Year-round (approximately once a month), I travel across the country to attend conferences as a delegate, moderator, or workshop facilitator. My goal is to motivate young Asian-American professionals and college students to discover their interests, understand their capabilities and participate in the community, to build themselves as a leader of today, and tomorrow. 


I plan on pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant and contributing globally to medicine, public health and health care management. But of course, I also want to continue my passion of empowering young professionals and students through community building, events management, fundraising, social entrepreneurship, public policy, as well as public and international relations.


Fun fact: I love travelling. I can never get enough of airplanes and road trips.

Guilty pleasure: I run at least 5 miles everyday.


Specialties: Revenue Generation, Finance, Community Building & Liason, Program Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Branding & Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Special Event Planning & Coordination, Non-Profits, Stage & Artist Management, Clinical Laboratory Research, Genomics

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