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Job Title: Senior Lecturer


Phone: (631) 632-4203




Office Location: H-2100


Education: Ph.D. SUNY Stony Brook


Administrative Posts:

Writing Center Director, Stony Brook University Fall 2015 to present

Associate Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric 2014-2016


Courses Taught:

  • WRT 101 (Introductory Writing Workshop)
  • WRT 102 (Intermediate Writing Workshop)
  • WRT 103 (Advanced Writing Workshop)
  • WRT 302 (Creative Nonfiction)
  • WRT 303 (Personal Essay)
  • WRT 306 (Tutor Training)
  • WRT 488 (Internship)
  • WRT 605 (Writing for Chemistry)
  • JRN 502 (Communicating Science to the Public: Writing to be Understood)

Professional Interests: Rhetoric and Composition, Science Writing, Writing Centers


Recent Presentations:

“A Spy in the House of Writing: Traces of Transfer on Camera”

IWCA, Chicago, Fall 2017


“Reaching Out as Reciprocity: How Institutional Outreach Can Improve Writing Center Practice”

 NCPTW, Garden City, Fall 2017


"A New Frontier: Writing Centers as Sites for Institutional Transfer" 

IWCA, Denver, Fall 2016


“Digital Audiences: How the (re)Production of Digital Portfolios Challenges


SUNY Conference on Writing, Syracuse, Fall 2014


Panel Presentation on Google Docs and Digication
Conference on Instruction and Technology (CIT), Stony Brook, Spring 2012


“Reclaiming Virtual Writing Spaces”
SUNY Conference on Writing, New York, Spring 2012


“Negotiating Balance and Forging Disciplinary Identity”
SUNY Conference on Writing, Buffalo, Spring 2009


“Existing, Persisting, Resisting: Writ-uals of Collective Identity”
Hofstra Cultural Center Conference, Hempstead, Fall 2008


“Harsh Realities: The Labor of Writing Without An Audience”
Conference on College Composition and Communication, New Orleans, Spring 2008

Roundtable Presentation on Teaching Writing

SUNY Conference on Writing, Stony Brook, Spring 2008

Revision and Assessment: The Future Role of Revision in Writing Placement"
SUNY Conference on Writing, Albany, Spring 2007
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.