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WRT 303


          Last semester, when I was signing up for this upper division writing class, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy. I was afraid of what was going to be expected out of me and if I will be able to produce it well. I convinced a few of my friends to take this class with me including my sorority sister Roshni, Marina and Adhara. Having them in class was really fun! We got to do homework together and help each other come up with essay topics. We all took this class in order to help us prepare for medical school by writing the dreaded personal statement. This class made personal writing not as bad as I thought it would be. When it came time to write the personal statement, I felt well prepared to finally write it. I feel like it is still not perfect and I will still have to work on it, but it has come a long way.

            My biggest struggle in this class was choosing a topic for my essays. Once I decided on a topic, I would get on a roll and just write. The weekly blogs helped me practice writing freely. Usually, the only time I write is when I make study guides for my science classes or when I’m writing lab reports. Personal writing was a whole new world that I was apprehensive about. Coming into class for peer review, I kept asking myself, “Will the reader think this is interesting?”  or “What is the main point of this essay?”. I would often lose focus and forget what I was trying to write. I got emotional writing some of my essays and I feel like those were the best essays I wrote because I was able to express my feelings on paper.  I got to open up and do some soul searching while writing, asking myself what my values are and what I believe in.

            The workload was intensive, like what an upper division writing course should be like. There was an essay due weekly ranging from 3 to 7 pages along with a blog post, readings and twitter updates. The frequent essays were hard to keep up with since my first drafts are far from anything I would want people reading. Revising them took a while!  Posting my essays on the class discussion board in blackboard was nerve racking. Some of my essays were very personal and I wasn’t sure how comfortable I was with having other people edit them. Thankfully everyone was really nice and their comments were helpful. The weekly readings were a nice break from science. I found myself getting really emotional with some of them! Others were really inspirational as well as informative. I loved blogging about them. As for twitter, I tried my best tweeting. I have a twitter but rarely use it but I did enjoy reading everyone’s tweets!

            I encountered many technological projects in this class including my digital story and e-portfolio. Creating the digital story was challenging but worth it. The e-portfolio is nice to have to share my writings with people. I had fun experimenting with the different background colors.

            Overall, I’m happy I took this class. I love how it was a small class and I got to interact with the students as well as the teacher. The atmosphere of the class was very welcoming. I feel like my writing has improved and I’ve gotten more accustomed to writing about myself.

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