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          My name is Klaudia Kwasnik. I am a student at Stony


Brook University that is majoring in Business Management


with a specialization in Operations Management and 


Marketing, as well as Minoring in Leadership Development






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I can summarize who I am in three words.


        COMMITTED : I have had many jobs throughout my life, such as a cashier in a supermarket, where I worked for 5 years, a summer camp councelor where i continue to work for my 3rd year, and an office assistant at the Stony Brook Residential Mail Room, where i am currently working for the second semester. Once I start something and I promise myself that I will stay focused on a goal, I stay focused. I always complete any task at hand and I make sure that the goal is reached before starting anything new. I have also been a part of the Stony Brook Red Cross Club for the 3rd year, and I make sure to attend all the meetings as well as joining the team for any events that are going on.


       AMBITIOUS : When I set my mind on something, I always get results. Over the summer when I am a camp councelor, I have to take care of 20+ kids during the day. Sometimes that can be very frustrating, but at the end of the day I leave the kids with a smile on my face because I know that I gave them a new and fun experience that day. This past summer, I promised myself that I would teach my group of second graders how to ballroom dance. I accomplished my goal with many obstacles along the way. At the end of the summer camp, I put together a ballroom dance show, to show off what my second graders were capable of. I do not quit when it got hard, I simply keep going forward. 


         Extrovert : An extrovert is a person who is energized by being around other people. I am an extrovert because I cannot live if I am not around other people that I can make conversation with or simply be next to. Sometimes I tend to speak before I think, which isn't always a good thing. I like to share my opinions out loud and make sure that people know who I am. I also like to do things in a way in which it is easy for me to understand, but that does not mean I cannot adapt into doing things another way. It is easy for me to make friends and to work in a group dynamic. 


         (This is who I, Klaudia Kwasnik am in three words.)


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