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 Here are five facts about me.


I come from the island of Puerto Rico, where it is all sunshine and beaches! Then I moved to the best place on earth, NYC. The dichotomy of the two places truly defined me while growing up. It has been ingrained into me from birth to always be serious but most importantly never forget to have a good time.    



I am currently an Engineering Science major at Stony Brook. It is a field I am interested in simply because of its ability to use and manipulate the laws of science to bring something to life. The slow process of concept to creation absolutely fascinates me.




Generally I am a pretty spastic person with interests in many different things such as psychology, marine biology, archaeology, anthropology, architecture, computer science, and of course engineering. I can spend hours on end researching and learning about my newest obsession.



Chess is life." ~ unknown





 I am a huge Nerd, filled with random facts and madness!




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.