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Dear Reader,


           First and foremost thank you for taking the time out to read through my e-portfoilio for writing 102. During the course of this semester in Writing 102, I greatly improved my writing skills and learned the importance of expressing oneself carefully. I am an engineer major, coming into this class I held no expectations as my major or future career neither needs nor cares for writing skills. However, I soon changed my mind as I stood along with my peers to present our thoughts to the class. During my presentation it was clear to me that my audience did not understand my perspective on the text. My grades suffered vastly because of this as well. The importance in writing and the greatest lesson I learned in this course is clarity and organization.

            Writing my personal essay was the hardest essay I had ever had to write. The key components to sharing a story are transparency and regulation, in order to guide your reader through the story unfazed. The personal essay unlike most other writing assignments are not just composed of facts and opinions it contains emotion and passion that needs to be convieved to the reader through word choice and formation.

            These skills, which I am still trying to perfect, became rather important with the research and textual analysis paper. Even though these papers were based on a thesis; in order to justify the thesis to the reader one must convey the message with equal passion to the reader. The paper must guide its reader with its structure and clarity as we had done in the personal essay.

            Previously, when writing essays I would focus on forming the thesis and finding the evidence to support my claim without much care into the final draft. Editing is now a major section of writing my assignments. I am now more attentive towards the word choice and sentence structure. These two simple skills can vastly change the perception and strength of the argument. There is always a better choice of words and a way to express yourself better. I mean a way to better express yourself!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.