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Nancy McCoy-Wozniak


I am an educator because I love learning.  When I learn, my students learn.  When my students learn, I learn.  I teach them; they teach me.   As long as I'm breathing, I'll never stop learning. 


Welcome to my corner of the world.  Feel at home to browse, reflect and comment.  I welcome your suggestions and information.  Please share your thoughts.


Facts about me:
• I am an experienced instructional designer and partner with faculty on the planning and designing of their courses, learnng spaces, and the use of  effective, student-centered activities and technologies that enhance and promote learning over a lifetime.

I'm an ePortfolio Project Manager and collaborate with faculty and students on learning, assessment, career and professional eportfolios for lifelong learning and professional branding.


• Formerly, I worked in broadcast and cable community access television.  The skills I developed in the television industry have helped me produce learning objects and multimodal media exercises that enhance learning and self-determined behaviors with students. 

• I research and blog on the use of social media and emerging technologies that facilitate student-centered learning in the classroom and establish professional identity.

• I research the relationship of self-determined (intrinsic) learning behaviors (autonomy, self-competency and self-realization) and the use of eportfolios.
• My passion and desire is to see portfolio practice become an integral part of the global academic culture .

• I've been dubbed the Wizard of Woz at previous academic positions.
• Currently, I  teach a Media Literacy and Cyber Communications course and am designing it for online instruction.  In the past, I've taught online and traditional courses in leadership, computer applications, instructional design, multimedia design, communication, and business. 

• Prodigious is my favorite word.  Stony Brook students are prodigious!

• My experience with community education and continuing education includes the development of a Web 2.0 series for promoting a business and professional branding using social media.  

• I worked in broadcast news as a graphic artist and as a producer and program manager in public/educational/government access television. 
• My favorite pastimes include photography and I'm never without my Nikon D80.  My #1 favorite pastime is being Anabel's, Emma's, Paige's, David's, Danny's, and Hannah's Nanu (Nanna).  


• Strolling Central Park and jogging at West Meadow Beach, Old Field, Long Island are my other favorites.

• I'm never without my Fitbit and I walk 10,000+ steps a day.  

• I ran my first 5K with my daughter, Martha Ann, at the Columbus Hot Chocolate Run.  It was a prodigious moment in my life!


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.