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  1. Create your Digication account at https://stonybrook.digication.com.  Use your Stony Brook Network NetID and Password.
  2. You have the option of using the Teaching ePortfolio template or creating your own design from scratch.  For instructions go to
      Create from Template -  Your template is titled Teaching ePortfolio.  
        - https://stonybrook.digication.com/eportfolio-help/template
      Create from Scratch 
        - https://stonybrook.digication.com/eportfolio-help/startfromscratch
  3.  FAQs can be found at
        - https://stonybrook.digication.com/eportfolio-help/studentfaq

    Components of a Teaching ePortfolio include

    •  Inviting Home or Welcome page
    •  Bio
    •  Teaching Philosophy
    •  Teaching and Research Interests (Field of Study)
    •  Publications and Awards
    •  Courses with syllabi, learning activities, student evaluations, reflections,
        technology used
    •  Service
    •  Research
    •  Professional Development and Training
    •  Other Professional Interests
    •  Contact Information
  4. What other information do you think should be included in your Teaching ePortfolio?
  5.  Would you start a separate ePortfolio to organize your research and presentations?
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.