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Digital Storytelling - Literacy, Reflection and A Whole Lot of Creativity


Multimodal assignments, like digital stories, that ask students to thoughtfully gather and combine a range of communicative forms—from text to photographs to video to sound—can be a powerful pedagogical tool that allow students to not only understand composition methods, but to realize their strengths, abilities and skills. At Stony Brook University, faculty use digital storytelling projects and tools to develop student cooperation and communication skills, problem solving and critical thinking, digital media competencies, and creative thinking. This presentation will show examples of how the Stony Brook Leadership students transition from their high school to college years through personal branding and realize their professional selves apart from their parents, high school teachers and friends. As they reflect on their first year experience and their strengths and abilities, the students work towards creating their own personal brand through multimodal excersizes documented in their showcase eportfolios. This culminates with their digital story expression which demonstrates a growing sense of self-efficacy and relatedness as their transition into their fields of study and service activities. We'll look at this process and their creative self expressions in their eportfolios.






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