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Why Tell Stories? (Ohio State Digital Story Telling)

Stories are the bedrock of every culture. They help define a nation, a tribe, a community, a profession. They tell its history, they convey it's wisdom and perspective. Stories allow us to understand someone else's experiences in a deeply personal way, creating empathy. Stories can help us care about something we might not otherwise care about.

In academics, stories provide affective learning that can lead the learner to a desire for more cognitive learning. It takes a deep understanding of a thing to tell your own story about it. Hearing someone else's story, can make you care more about a thing. Stories can provide unique ways of building community in your own discipline, or in reaching out to other disciplines.

Storytelling is a valued method of communication in a variety of academic fields and professional venues.



Digital Storytelling tools:




  • iMovie
  • Windows Photo Story 3 (XP & Vista)
  • Windows Movie
  • Adobe Captivate, Elements, Flash, Premiere



  • Flickr
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.