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What is a Learning Architect?


When we think of an architect, we think of someone who takes raw materials and space to design a habitable building structure or living environment. That's one aspect of architecture. Architecture is the art or science of building in general and centers around a unifying form or structure. A structural building architect is in the practice of designing buildings and living spaces. A computer systems architect is in the practice of designing computer networks and systems. A learning architect is in the practice of designing learning modules and spaces to create active learning environments for students and faculty. She will work with course content, resource materials, instructional technologies, physical spaces and, most important, collaborate with faculty and students to design rich learning environments that nurture inquiry, evidenced-based reflection, and self-determined learning behaviors that continue over a lifetime. I am passionate about the science of learning. I am a learning architect and am collaboratively designing and building an integrative learning paradigm for ALL learners.

-Nancy McCoy-Wozniak, Learning Architect, Stony Brook University


Educational Objective and Philosophy of Nancy McCoy-Wozniak  

I teach my students.  They learn from me.  My students teach me.  I learn from my students.


I am an educator.  My educational objective is to work energetically to promote the purposeful uses of active and authentic learning strategies and  instructional  technologies to design and build interactive, student-centered learning environments that evoke inquiry and creative thinking in ALL students.  I believe and follow John Dewey’s philosophy, “Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.”   It is the responsibility of educators to teach  beyond the classroom and encourage students to make relevant learning connections in all areas of their lives.  Learning is life and the process is lifelong.  When we stop learning, we stop evolving.  The number one responsibility of an educator is to instill the joys and wonders of learning in ALL students and clear paths for their continued inquiry and discovery over a lifetime.  Educators open doors to life.  I am an educator. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.